@Trazsh_Man Anticipated “The Mission” Episode of “The Adventures of Trazsh Man and Crown Fried”

In early Spring 2016 Camden Hip Hop Artist, Emcee, and all around Entertainer Trazsh Man introduced the world to “The Adventures of Trazsh Man and Crown Fried”.  Since the pilot episode fans have been tuned in weekly and pressing repeat. This short cartoon based out of Camden New Jersey touches on an aspiring artist and his trusty sidekick Crown Fried.  Together this bizarre, comical, yet witty duo bring to light everyday challenges that tend to get swept under household, industry, and political rugs. On October 1st Trazsh Man released the well anticipated Walking Dead Episode 10 “The Mission”.  In this episode Trazsh and Crown Fried are in the forefront of riots, looting, baby mama drama, religious conspiracies, and other concerning issues.  Be sure to tune in!

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