The Industry Exposed Is On The Way To Marsten House In Philly On November 5th 2016


Founder of Industry Exposed, award winner producer and emcee Rkitech, is more than excited to bring the show on the road to Philly held at the acclaimed Marsten House!  Rkitech’s production resume includes EPMD, Hit Squad, Keith Murray, Def Jam Music, Sony Music, and Universal Music just to name a few.  A few years ago Rkitech founded Industry Exposed for artists to gain knowledge of the music industry and the things that executives hold back with sharing especially about record deals, radio play, and publishing.  The evening will consist of a panel, workshop, and will conclude with a showcase.  For the panel Rkitech has brought together Jay Woo, host of Got Next Radio Show on 95.3FM, and Phil Jackson, host and 2016 Philly Hip Hop Awards Best Radio Station Nominee of Side B Radio on WPRB 103.3FM.  The special guest speaker for the evening will be none other than Rkitech himself! Performances include John Jiggs, Gen The God, Sturi, Natficial Fellowmen, and Tev Dollas, and the night will be hosted by The First Lady, MJ of MJs Hip Hop Connex.  Event will begin at 8pm, all ages are welcome with a cover charge of 7$ and held once again at Marsten House, 2301 9th Street, Philly, PA, Room 409.





Rkitech: Twitter/@Rkitech  Instagram/@TheRealRkitech

MJ:  @MJsHipHopConnex/

Jay Woo: Twitter/@953JamzFM  Instagram/@PhillyJamz953FM/

Phil Jackson: Twitter/@SideBRadio42  Instagram/@SideBRadio

Gen The God: Twitter/@GenTheGod  Instagram/@GenMusic856

Sturi: Twitter/@TruSturi  Facebook/Sturi Thru Poetry

Tev Dollas: Twitter/@TevDollas_

John Diggs: Twitter/@JiggsTheGreat  Instagram/@John_Jiggs  Facebook/@John Digg$

Natficial Fellowmen: Twitter/@NatficialMusic





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