Reading Rapper Jsmoove Is Making Waves Across The Country |@smooveJTF

As a fan who grew up in the old school way of thinking and living, it was quite refreshing to talk with young rapper Jsmoove.  Tune into our interview as he talks about the important lesson he learned early on about the business of music and not just rapping.  He is honest with his fans and shares how he once thought the world of opportunities were going to fall into his lap.  Since that time Jsmoove has come up, gained a fan base, shared the stage with some pioneers, and is receiving love across the world from Detroit to Jamaica!  He wants it  known it’s through his work ethic, his dedication to his craft, his love for his family, and living a life true to Hip Hop that he is able to continue to be successful in his journey!



“The Syndicate” Album:

“By Any Means”: