Brooklyn’s Own Big Assas Chops It Up With MJ|@sinomuzyk


MJ: This is MJ with MJs Hip Hop Connex and Direct Access World Wide. Joining me tonight is Brooklyn’s favorite radio host and artist Big Assas! Thank you for taking time out for MJ.

Big Assas: Thank you MJ.

MJ: For those that might not be familiar, tell us first about the name Big Assas.

Big Assas: I battled a lot growing up (different from battles today) and a friend of mine was like you’re killing them out there like an assassin so I dropped the sin and (ta dah) Assas I added the big a couple years after.

MJ: Big Assas is first and foremost an artist. Tell everyone about your come up into the music scene. When and how did it all begin for you?

Big Assas: That’s a long story MJ I’ve been making music for 23 years. Let’s just say I feel in love with Hip Hop a long time ago and she showed me that I had talent and that I just had to tap into it. But I will say these 6 years ago I came out with my first solo mixtape “Welcome 2 Brooklyn” and been working and performing ever since.

MJ: You have put out a few mixtapes that stirred up quite the buzz not only in New York but across the globe from Philly, Florida, South Carolina, and Ohio. Talk about those mixtapes specifically the style and flow.

Big Assas: It started with “Welcome 2 Brooklyn”. That mixtape was made more like an album it had a couple of concept records and I spoke more on being a proud artist from Brooklyn. Next was “TLE” (The Low Experience). Now that mixtape was more along the lines of giving you a view from Brownsville my area in Brooklyn plus I featured a bunch of artists (from the hood) or that area so to speak. Now The “Nice Age”, the third and last of the trilogy is more of a what’s to come style of mixtape as it’s a prequel to my up and coming album “Quest For Fire”. So get the nice age on

MJ: The success of those mixtapes led to stage performances alongside major artists such as Cassidy, Mr. Cheeks, Fred The Godson, Smif & Wessun, just to name a few! Tell us about the very first experience opening up for one of those artists. Describe your thoughts and emotions.

Big Assas: Getting a chance to open up and share the stage with those artists was a great and awesome opportunity for me. I’ve hit plenty of stages over the years there just nothing like performing!

MJ: You also received a distribution deal with Sony! That had to be incredibly overwhelming. How did that impact your career?

Big Assas: Yes it was. That deal actually was the real push and upstart for my career. I’ve always wanted to get a deal like that and being independent nowadays is the wave!

MJ: I’ve seen the footage and the energy is incredible! Share with everyone what happens to Big Assas once he hits that stage at a live performance.

Big Assas: Facts! Now listen writing is dope and recording is amazing but there’s nothing, absolutely nothing like performing especially for me because when I step on the stage most people’s reactions are like who is this guy! By the end of the show they’re like oh man that was so dope! So when I get on stage I feel like I’m home and was born to be there!

MJ: Now you’re also a host for 3 radio shows. Give us the scoop on all those shows and when and where fans and listeners can tune in.

Big Assas: Right now I’m just currently working on one which is the waRROom on Friday’s at 4pm on

MJ: What else besides your ability to captivate any crowd led you to pursue radio?

Big Assas: To be honest the radio came along as a post a friend of mine posted on Facebook.   He asked if anyone was interested in working on a radio show. I answered yea sure and a year later he hit me up like are you ready? So radio was definitely an accident.

MJ: Do you have a preference between radio personality and artist? From which do you think you receive the most love and energy from?

Big Assas: First and foremost I’m an artist, an emcee, a lyricist, and a bar spitter! I naturally felt good on the radio because simply put I’m a chatter box. So the love I get from radio is definitely different than the love I get from performing and being a dope Hip Hop artist.

MJ: Let’s talk about the latest buzz from your single “Grind Hard”! What is it about that track that has the city stopping in its tracks?

Big Assas: Man I love that record! It’s produced by my brother from another M80. I feel like it’s rocking off the vibe you get when listening to today’s beat style with my heavy bar ready material. So for me it’s the best of both worlds, I grind hard for my city!

MJ: What are some other projects you are currently working on? Also without giving too much away talk about some future projects in the works for Big Assas.

Big Assas: The album “Quest For Fire” is on the way before the year is out! I’m also working on a compilation mixtape called “The New Dirty 30”. So definitely be on the lookout for both those projects.

MJ: I’m always curious about these next 2 questions…Which artists are in your personal playlist? What places are on your touring bucket list?

Big Assas: I listen to a lot of old school music. A lot of my stuff might be a little vain but I personally don’t listen to the radio, so a lot of new artists are definitely not on my radar. Sorry about that but I’m focused on doing me not what someone else is doing. There are still tons of places I want to hit not only home here in the U.S. but places aboard as well. Touring is awesome!

MJ: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about Big Assas?

Big Assas: Yes I do… Two years ago I started a shade line for merchandise purposes. Today I have my company’s brand up and running, the company is called Bars Eternal. I have a couple of different colors for the low so check them out on Instagram

MJ: Salute and much continued success your way!

Big Assas: Thanks again MJ for the great interview and exposure!



“Grind Hard”:

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